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Joyfully Homeschooling

Dec 17, 2019

So, we have been homeschooling now for 10 years. 10! About this time 10 years ago Alyson had her last day of public school preschool. She left school and has never gone back. 

In that 10 years our homeschool has changed a LOT, and today I want to talk about some of our favorite homeschool memories, some of our worst,...

Dec 13, 2019

Today’s episode is tear-jerking for me a little bit. I FINALLY got to sit down with my real-life homeschool mentor, Ms. Jamie Brown. If you are a regular listener of this podcast then you have heard of Jamie before. She is the number one reason, (next to the Lord) why I am homeschooling. I can honestly say, without a...

Dec 6, 2019

I recorded this episode with Rea Berg all the way back in May. It was originally supposed to air over the summer, but life got busy, I took some time off and then due to other contracts I wasn’t able to air it in the fall. So, we are going to get it out there now. Better late than never right? 

Rea Berg loves organic...