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Joyfully Homeschooling

May 24, 2019

This is the LAST episode of the season. So, just a reminder to grab your FREE sample of Sonlight at

I have honestly been dreading recording this episode because it involves me acknowledging failure as a parent. No one likes admitting they failed right? But alas, we are here.

Relationships and homeschooling. It is a common fear that parents have before they begin homeschooling, and a topic that has been mentioned over and over again on the podcast.

Relationships matter.

Relationships trump academics

Homeschooling is all about relationships.

Yet, I didn’t truly get it. I mean I nodded my head, agreed with the people speaking, but wasn’t truly living it out in my own home.

I told you this episode was real. 

Homeschooling bloggers oftentimes show the highlight reel. NOT all the jazz that goes on behind the scenes. I try to be real I really do. But, still, I don’t share all the bad stuff because I want to also honor my kid's privacy.

But guys. Things have NOT always been good in our home this past year. We have had some major heart issues with one of my kids.

But, the reality is I can’t place the blame on her. I need to take the blame myself.

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