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Joyfully Homeschooling

Aug 16, 2019

Today’s topic is going to be all about how friendships change between homeschool moms and public school moms. Once you’ve begun homeschooling many of us are so excited to start this journey and can’t wait to share it with your friends…. But, those friends who are NOT homeschooling, they aren’t that excited to hear about all the curriculum options out there. The weekly lunch dates you used to have aren’t happening as often now that your kids are home with you. Those midday phone calls and text chats aren’t quite the same when teaching interferes with your ability to answer…

I dealt with all of this when we first began homeschooling. I struggled with it a lot and wondered how in the world I could maintain my friendships with your public school friends while homeschooling?

Through the last, nearly a decade I have been homeschooling I have found there are three ways to maintain school choice and friendship, and all three require participation from BOTH parties, so if you have public school friends and this episode resonates with you, please share this with your public school friends as well.

The key to making friendships work when one family chooses a public school and another chooses homeschool lies in one word. CHOICE. You have to choose to respect a friend’s educational choice. You have to choose to make an effort to maintain a friendship. You have to choose to bite your tongue sometimes instead of making rude comments.  You have to choose to remember that regardless of the educational choice you have one common bond and that is a deep love for your children. You have to choose to be a friend. In doing this you will be blessed to have a friendship that surpasses what some may expect.

Be sure to listen to the whole episode. This is just a small snippet of our conversation. 

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