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Joyfully Homeschooling

Sep 13, 2019

In today’s episode, we are chatting with June Doran about the sensitive topic of postpartum depression. I wanted to talk with her because I feel this is a topic many women don’t talk about. 

June is a minimalist, homeschooling, work at home mom of 5 kids, ages 9 to 5 months. When she’s not juggling all the things, you can find her in a cozy corner, sipping a cup of a hot beverage and reading a non-fiction book on minimalism, parenting, or homeschooling. You can find June at where she helps moms simplify their lives and their homeschools. 

Topics we discuss are:

  • Symptoms?
    What helped? 
  • What would you say to a mom who thinks she may have PPD? 
  • What advice would you give to someone who recognizes the signs of PPD in a woman they love?

June shares her story with PPD as well as the symptoms, what helped her, and how you can encourage a mom in your life who may be suffering from PPD. I almost guarantee you that someone you know has dealt with this, and we can all encourage that momma on her homeschool journey. 

Be sure to listen to the whole episode. This is just a small snippet of our conversation. 

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